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Applications for entry in September 2017 will be accepted from 9th January 2017. The official testing dates have been fixed as follows: 

  • Lycée : Wednesday 8th March 2017 (afternoon)
  • College 6ème : Wednesday 22nd February 2017 (afternoon)
  • Other College and Lycée levels : Wednesday 8th March 2017 (afternoon)
  • Primary (GS – CM2) : Wednesday 8th March 2017 (afternoon)

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2016-2017 school year : class reps 

Primary : Eva Cros-Rouyre
CE1 : Kate Chambers, Yvonne Rémond-Murphy, Eva Cros-Rouyre
CE2 : Camille Cabon
CM1 : Christelle Dubosq-Goffinet
CM2 : Sarah Regnard

Collège :
Claire Rémy
6ème: Audrey Hervé
5ème : Carole Le Floc'h
4ème: Alexandra Denizet
3ème: Irène Vignon

Lycée : Cécile Chevalier-Rottman


Admissions information

All enquiries and applications will be processed through Applications Online.

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English teacher, Collège level
limited number of hours : more information, click here.

English teacher, Primary level
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Some of the highlights from our November 2016 Newsletter - click through to read this month's issue.


Baker Books’ Catalogue : order a book & help to support our library !!           
All primary students will receive  a Baker Books’ Catalogue to browse through during the week after the holiday….so look in their bags !
We hope all families will support  our section by ordering at least one book for their children, since we gain a commission of free books on the amount ordered. This is a good way to inspire your child to choose a book of their choice whilst at the same time helping Section Internationale to increase their stock of  library books ! All books should be received between two & three weeks of the closing date.   It is very simple : just order your books online ! 


Save the date! 
Collège Christmas pageant/party dates are as follows:
  • Collège Pasteur Friday 9 December 19:30-21:30
  • Collège Quintinye Thursday 15 December 19:00-21:00 


There are 40 students in the Section Internationale this year, and it is very satisfying to see this steady increase in numbers in Lycée Corneille, now forming a substantial community. We are looking forward to an excellent year in the Section, with Shakespeare workshops planned for January and our popular Drama and poetry evening scheduled for March, in the context of a theme week on ‘The Victorians.’ We are delighted to report the success of our students in both the OIB and IGCSE exams and also to give news sent by our alumni.

This year's Première class and successful IGCSE candidates, with 2 new students, Nathan Poisnel and Théo Chaney who have joined us from the USA.

IGCSE Stars 

Seconde students worked exceptionally hard this year, working on not just one but two IGCSE syllabuses – English Literature and First Language English – leading to two IGCSE exams, in the space of only seven months instead of studying this for two years. The students did comment that they had had a tough year.

IGCSE results for our Section Internationale students in June 2016 exams at Lycée Corneille
The IGCSE pass grade for a British university is a C and, as can be observed from the table above, our students’ hard work paid off as nearly everyone passed, with 19 top grades – either an A or the highest grade, an A*.



A big thank you to all the volunteer primary parents who have helped to make the various events this year a success, and we hope you will continue to support us next year with even more volunteers to help!

You can find a great collection of photos through this link!

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