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We are looking for a full-time History/Geography teacher for collège and lycée, for September 2016.  Successful candidates should be native speakers, fully qualified, and located within easy reach of La Celle St Cloud. Apply to recruitment@sectioninternationale.org before 20 June 2016. 
We are looking for a Part-time Operations Director for September 2016. Successful candidates should have a clear understanding of the French educational system, complete fluency in French and in English, excellent communication skills and a minimum of 5 years in operations management. Apply to recruitment@sectioninternationale.org before 20 June 2016. 
Anglais Après La Classe is recruiting

For over ten years, the Section has been offering a Wednesday afternoon programme in English for non-bilingual children in primary classes, CE1 to CM2.

During the weekly hour and a half session, pupils develop their reading, listening, speaking and written skills through a course combining stories, written exercises, activities, songs and chants. A broad range of material is used; grammar workbooks, posters, word and phonics flashcards, as well as take home CD Roms to help reinforce the week’s lesson. An entry test is mandatory, to assess the student’s oral and written expression and comprehension are assessed. Because of diverse past exposure to English, the students are  placed in classes according to level, not age. Small class sizes encourage individual attention and participation during classroom time, giving children the confidence and competence needed to communicate effectively, as well as the ability to understand and process information from various sources.

We are looking for a teacher for the programme who is a native English speaker with experience of teaching non-bilingual children English in an interactive, grammar-based environment. "TEFL" qualifications would be appreciated. For more information, please contact: recruitment@sectioninternationale.org

We are looking for replacement English teachers (Primary, College and Lycée levels) and also History/Geography English teachers for College and Lycée. Successful candidates should be native speakers, fully qualified and located within easy reach of La Celle St Cloud. Apply to recruitment@sectioninternationale.org


Great success for the first edition of our International Food Fair!
Fun was had by all at our first food fair, which took place in the very pleasant cafeteria of the collège in Noisy-le-Roi.
Section Internationale families sampled delicacies from around the world. From cookies to crepes to curries, from spring rolls to scones to samosas, there was a taste for every palate under the sun. On top of this the weather was great, making the day an even greater success!
Who knew that Americans ate an average of 1,000 cookies  per person every year or that the Australians’ favourite meat was not kangaroo? All of this was revealed at the end of a trivia contest that the little ones really enjoyed.
We wish to thank everyone for the incredible turnout and their participation in making this event a memorable one.
See you next year!



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The CE2 and CM1 Classes Visit the Waste Sorting Factory

On Monday 4 April, our CE2 class and a class of CM1 went in the coach to visit the Waste Sorting Centre, Sidompe, in Thierval Grignon. 
When we arrived, a guide invited us to go inside. We did a little game to see if we knew how long it takes for different pieces of waste to disappear into nature. Then we watched a film about how the factory works. It was very interesting. After that we put on our yellow jackets for protection and headsets to hear what our guide was saying. When we were inside the sorting factory, we saw some big mountains of waste. It was very impressive to see all the waste in this sorting centre. There were lots of noisy machines. It smelled of old waste; it was horrible. Some of us covered our noses with our jackets! 
At the end of the factory visit, we saw how the sorted waste is transformed into huge cubes. These are used to make new objects. For example, old milk cartons can be turned into toilet paper; plastic bottles can be used to make the stuffing in a cuddly toy or even to make a warm fleece we can wear in winter. Some of the waste is burned to make energy to heat our homes!

Did you know that it takes 3 months for a paper tissue to disintegrate completely into the environment, 2 years for a cigarette butt, 5 years for chewing gum, between 100 and 1,000 years for a plastic bag, and 4,000 years for a glass bottle? This is why we mustn't throw rubbish into nature, and we must recycle our paper, plastic and glass to make new objects.
By Alix Baudouin and Hortense Lapie, CE2 Integrated


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