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Applications for entry in September 2017 will be accepted from 9th January 2017. The official testing dates have been fixed as follows: 

  • Lycée : Wednesday 8th March 2017 (afternoon)
  • College 6ème : Wednesday 22nd February 2017 (afternoon)
  • Other College and Lycée levels : Wednesday 8th March 2017 (afternoon)
  • Primary (GS – CM2) : Wednesday 8th March 2017 (afternoon)

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2016-2017 school year : class reps 

Primary : Eva Cros-Rouyre
CE1 : Kate Chambers, Yvonne Rémond-Murphy, Eva Cros-Rouyre
CE2 : Camille Cabon
CM1 : Christelle Dubosq-Goffinet
CM2 : Sarah Regnard

Collège :
Claire Rémy
6ème: Audrey Hervé
5ème : TBA
4ème: Alexandra Denizet
3ème: Irène Vignon

Lycée : Cécile Chevalier-Rottman


Don't miss your class Potluck!

CE1 - Sunday, snack time, November 6th
CE2 - Saturday, snack time, October 15th
CM1 - Friday evening, October 7th
CM2 - Friday evening, October 14th

6ème - TBA
5ème - TBA
4ème - Friday evening, December 2nd 
3ème - Saturday evening,November 5th

Seconde – Saturday evening, October 22th
1ère – Friday evening, October 21th
Terminale – Friday evening, November 25th

Happy memories from our Back to school Picnic in Lycée Corneille, La Celle Saint-Cloud !

Our usual Book Fair…

Lots of opportunities to meet and mingle.



Some of the highlights from our May/June 2016 Newsletter - click through to read this month's issue.

Primary Fun Day
On Wednesday 8 June the Wednesday Primary programme completed their school year with the traditional ‘Fun Day’. We were extremely lucky with the weather:  sunny, dry and warm.
This year we commemorated the Queen’s 90th Birthday and used this British theme for a dressing up game and buffet tea. The playground was decorated with Union Jack bunting and the buffet looked festive.
One of the team games was to dress one person with various ‘queen’ items:  a cape, crown, necklace, bracelet, handbag and flags. See our glorious queens below! 

We said goodbye to our CM2 students, wishing them all the best for their future college year.

We also wish Sarah Snape, our CE1 teacher all the very best in her move back to the UK.


A big thank you to all the volunteer primary parents who have helped to make the various events this year a success, and we hope you will continue to support us next year with even more volunteers to help!

You can find a great collection of photos through this link!

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 to read this month's issue.