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Applications for entry in September 2018 will be accepted from 1st December 2017. The official testing dates have been fixed as follows: 

  • Lycée : Wednesday 7th March 2018
  • College 6ème : Friday 16th February 2018
  • Other College levels : Wednesday 7th March 2018
  • Primary (GS – CM2) : Wednesday 7th March 2018

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2017-2018 school year : class reps 

Primary Wednesday - Payal Vohra
GS : Pauline de la Brunetière
CP : Payal Vohra
CE1 : Tali Gadish
CE2 : Jocelyn Bincaz
CM1 : Lesley Sanfelle
CM2 : Judith Liochon

Primary : 
Yvonne Remond-Murphy
CE1 - Tali Gadish
CE2 - Yvonne Rémond-Murphy
CM1 : Aurélie Barry Burquier
CM2 : Blandine du Sordet

Collège Pasteur : 
Orla Cohen
6ème : Sarah Regnard
5ème : Audrey Hervé
4ème : Christine Drewitt
3ème : Marie-Pierre Szczepanski

Collège de la Quintinye : Teri Billon / Agnès Pequignot
6ème - Agnes Pequignot
5ème - Bridget Lousa
4ème - Theodore Idris & Christine Roche
3ème - Veronique Vialard

Lycée : Cécile Chevalier-Rottman
2nde : Irene Vignon
1ère : Lucie Gerard
Term : Lisa Lavergne


Annual meeting of the Section Internationale on  September 28th at 8pm

Thursday, 28 September 2017, the Section Internationale held its Annual General Meeting. Twenty-four families were in attendance. The meeting was presided by Herve Besaucele, with the assistance of Michelle Josserand (Treasurer) and Lisa Lavergne (Secretary). 
Despite significant increases in salaries and the cost of a new data base, the Association achieved a positive net result for 2016-2017 thanks, in large part, to increasing numbers of students at the lycée level and a significant jump in potential students taking the entrance exam. For the 2017-2018 school year, the section has reached a record number of Sectional Internationale students with 250 enrolled across levels.
Parents that have come forward to serve on the SI executive committee for 2017-2018, to be voted in at the next general committee meeting, include:
  • Marie-Helene Godinot as President, 
  • Herve Besaucele as Vice-President, 
  • Geoffroy Goffinet as Treasurer and 
  • Lynne Mphande as Secretary.
Parent Representatives for the different programs are as follows:
  • Wednesday : Payal Vohra
  • Primary : Yvonne Remond-Murphy
  • College Pasteur : Orla Gleeson-Cohen
  • College La Quintinye : Teri Billon
  • Lycée Corneille : Cecile Chevalier Rottman
Please note that volunteers are always needed, particularly in the following areas:
  • class reps
  • events planning, photographer
  • webmaster
If you wish to join the Committee or volunteer in any other capacity, please contact Lynne Mphande (secretary@sectioninternationale.org) or any other committee member.

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All enquiries and applications will be processed through Applications Online.

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Some of the highlights from our December 2017 Newsletter - click through to read this month's issue.


Since our AGM in September 2017, I’m pleased to be the new President of our Section Internationale (Section). 
Also, our class sizes allow for more personalised bilingual and bicultural education with teachers always striving to help our children progress and achieve their best. We have 100% pass rate at the Bac (OIB) and all our alumni students are now in higher education - Ste Geneviève, INSA Strasbourg and Rouen, McGill, universities of Essex, Bristol & Dublin, Classes Prépa Passy Buzenval or Michelet - to name but a few.
You can reach me by email at president@sectioninternationale.org or by telephone on 06 37 81 71 83.
Wishing your children continued success at school.




  • CHRISTMAS PARTY ON 20th DECEMBER 2017, at 7pm, Pavillon des Bois Blancs, 35 av. Maurice de Hirsh, La Celle Saint-Cloud


  • COLLEGE PASTEUR PARTY on 15th DECEMBER 2017, at 7:30pm, Refectory
  • COLLEGE LA QUINTINYE PARTY on 21st DECEMBER 2017, at 7pm, College canteen 


Baccalauréat Success!

The Section Internationale Lycée graduation ceremony was held on 5th July. A hearty congratulations to the Section Internationale Class of 2017, which had a 100 % success rate on the Bac, with a high proportion of mentions, including ‘Très Bien’ and ‘Bien.’ 

First Steps to Universities

Lycée parents can still sign up for guidance for applications to UK universities (18th December) or US universities (19th December).

A big thank you to all the volunteer primary parents who have helped to make the various events this year a success, and we hope you will continue to support us next year with even more volunteers to help!

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